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When to take a DNA test?

Taking a dna test can sometimes be useful. You may wonder when this is the case, and that is exactly what this blog is about. It clarifies the cases where it can be useful to do a dna test.

Dna test vaderschap

A paternity test is a DNA test on the man you think is the father. You can use it to determine whether someone is the biological father of a child. If you are not sure who the father is, such a test can provide certainty. Even if a man is in doubt about whether the child is his, a paternity test can provide proof. You can have a paternity test done by a doctor, but there are also home tests, this is called a paternity dna kit. With this home paternity test kit, you can test yourself. Depending on the type of test kit you have purchased, you will need to provide a blood or saliva sample. If you find this exciting, there is of course always the option of having a doctor do this for you. The dan paternity home kits are very easy to use, so you do not have to worry about whether you are doing it right or not.

Dna test inheritance

It is possible that when a parent dies and the property is divided, someone comes forward and claims to be his son or daughter. Apparently, the deceased gave birth to the child without anyone (sometimes even the deceased himself) knowing of his existence. Family law does not recognise the relationship between the child and the biological father if the child is not specifically recognised (and was not born during the marriage of the biological parents). Therefore, after the death of the father, the child cannot inherit according to the law, nor does he have the right to share the inheritance compulsorily. Before a child can claim an inheritance, the child must begin the process of establishing paternity in court. The law does not stipulate how the father must be established as the biological father. It is not compulsory to have a DNA test done, but it is, however, very  convenient. Other evidence can also be used to prove that the father is the biological father. For example, the child can prove contact between the mother and the father that can lead to the child’s pregnancy. Witness statements from mothers, neighbours or friends can also be used as a way of proving contact.