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Compression Gloves for Relieving Arthritic Patients

Compression gloves are very beneficial for most people as they serve as therapeutic garments on one’s hands which help to relieve swelling, inflammation or pain. This acts as a very effective treatment method as it helps to improve blood circulation to one’s hand muscles and tissues as well. In order for one to get better, they can opt to wear these gloves especially those suffering from arthritis. These gloves are usually tight fitting which is how they are designed for them to provide constant pressure on one’s hand muscles without causing any discomfort. Lymphedema is a common disorder that people suffer from which can be treated by one wearing these gloves. This disorder occurs when the lymphatic system has a disorder thus causing tissue swelling and fluid retention in one’s hands. When one is going about their normal activities, they are advised by a doctor to wear the compression glove on the hand that is affected.

In addition to using compression gloves, one is also advised to change their diet in order to ensure the swelling on one’s hand reduces. One way that one can improve on blood circulation to the affected hand is by massaging it and exercising it on a regular basis. This way, one’s tissues are protected from getting infected. Arthritis, a condition that causes one’s hand to be swollen and stiff, can be treated by wearing these gloves. As one goes about normal activities, they are required to wear the glove in order to reduce the pain. The stiffness that one experiences on their hand is reduced making it move better.

When it comes to finding a good compression glove, one should ensure they get one which is most effective. Unlike over-the-counter gloves, custom it gloves are usually more suitable as they compress the hand tissues well. Choosing gloves with outer seams will come in handy as they provide the most comfortable fit as well as seamless ones. In order to get the best dexterity as one goes on normally with daily activities, they should get those compression gloves with open fingers.

Lycra is one of the materials that is used to make compression gloves which are made available in different styles and thickness. This all depends on the amount of pressure one wants to be exerted on their hands. The best gloves that one can use when sleeping are those made with lighter material while those with splints provide extra support.

One should ensure that they purchase a new pair of compression gloves if the elasticity reduces. In order to get the best amount of relief from swelling and pain, patients should ensure that they ask their doctor the features that are most suitable for their condition.