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Men’s Shaving Products-A Guide

In regards to deciding what men’s shaving products to buy it is not as easy as getting the first thing you see or running out to get a fresh product you just saw on a commercial. Along with great technique, the shave products you employ may have a huge impact on the quality of your shaving experience. Therefore, in the event that you strive to get the best shave possible it is imperative that you research the products and comprehend what you might be utilizing before you scrape a razor across your skin. This short article will arm you with some basic knowledge of the fundamental distinction between shaving creams and shaving foams or gels.

A lathering shaving cream offers the most comfortable shaving as it includes the use of water to produce lather, which provides moisture for the skin and eventually the best protection. Other fundamental components are fat content and glycerin for protection and the best possible lubrication. Most High-quality lathering creams will contain between 30 and 50 percent fat, in addition to glycerine, which strengthens the walls of the bubbles, allowing the cream to produce an easy, rich lather. The Glycerin also acts as a humectant to hydrate the skin and to lock in water. These creams can be used with a good shaving brush or the fingers. We recommend utilizing the brush because it will provide a better lather and will also raise whiskers off your face, preparing them for cutting.

Non-lathering creams are intended to be employed utilizing the hands and don’t require the use of water, providing ease of use. You will find numerous products such as this that offer a good shave and some men would rather have a non- lathering cream since they may easily see where they have already shaved. But, the lack of water and also the application procedure do not offer the same moisture and whisker raising benefits realized with a shaving brush and a lathering cream.

Aerosol shaving gels or foams are undoubtedly the most popular product available. Not because they work better, but because they are easy to find and use. Although foams and gels give a handful of lather at the push of a button, It’s the quality of the lather and not the quantity that is important. What matters is what is happening at the interface between the skin and shaving cream. Most gels and foams use fuel to make their froth. The gas (isobutane or propane) is compressed to liquid form and mixed in with all the shaving material. Subsequently, when it is removed from the container at the contact of a button, the pressure reduction permits it to go back into a gas state, providing the foaming action.

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