What I Can Teach You About Vitamins

Vitamin B17 and Cancer.

WHO has been noted to keep reminding the world of the importance of keeping our body healthy. We can regard the body to be healthy when all its parts are doing well. A healthy body is always active. One cannot be in a position to carry out any task with their body sick. There are many ways we can keep our body healthy. Exercises have been known to be methods of making our body healthy. There are many activities we can engage in to exercise our body. Lifting weights, press-ups, jogging, running, and swimming are examples of exercising activities. Most of these activities are found at the gym.

Our muscles, ligaments and joints are stimulated as a result of such forms of exercises. This makes our body to have strength and flexible especially to the elderly. Exercises have been known to burn fat in the body. The overweight individuals can reduce their weight by exercise. An exercise helps the body to assume a good shape. Technology has made exercising easy by the introduction of exercising machines. An exercising machines plays its role by stimulating the muscles and ligaments of the body. We have a vibration machine as an example of such an exercising machine.

Medication can serve to keep our body healthy. Treatment involves the use of medicines to cure diseases. It is possible to keep our body healthy by visiting doctors for medical checkups. Cancer screening is one of the method of medical checkup.

We can also keep our body healthy by controlling the parasitic worms in the body by deworming. Caring on our diet is purposed to make our body healthy. Healthy foods are meant to make our body healthy. Expect a healthy food to have all the required nutrients. We have proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins as examples of nutrients. Expect to find such nutrients in foods such as vegetables, legumes, grains, and meat. These nutrients are involved in the treatment and making the body to have immunity. It has been realized for vitamin B17 to treat cancer.

Cancer is a kind of killer disease that destroys the cells of the body. Another name of vitamin B17 is laetrile. It is gotten from apricot seeds through purification method. The function of laetrile is destroy cancerous cells through its destruction mechanism. Vitamin B17 has a harmful cyanide component locked in it. The locked cyanide component is only unlocked from laetrile when it comes into contact with a cancerous cell.

This is made possible by an enzyme found in a cancerous cell which unlocks the cyanide from the laetrile. The destruction only occurs to the cancerous cells while sparing the other cells. A neutralizing substance which is released from the laetrile prevents the cyanide from destroying the healthy cells of the body.